Most of us usually use hair masks when hair is extremely damaged since hair masks are deep conditioning treatments for your hair. However, we should be using hair masks more often than that as a way to constantly protect and nourish our hair. Weekly use of a hair mask, with particular focus at the ends of your hair, will help keep moisture and prevent it from breaking.

Here at Elita we created our top 10 hair mask secrets that you should know about Elita Beverly Hills Hair Mask Repair and how to max out the benefits.

  • You should Hair Mask at least 1 day a week depending how dry your hair is. It could be more frequent. If you notice signs of dryness and damage that come from changes in the weather, travel, air-conditioning, styling and styling products, medications and coloring your hair it is a good idea to use a weekly mask to offset these damages to your hair.
  • Wash and Towel dry hair before you apply the mask. Our water based mask should be applied to wet hair to get the maximum benefit.
  • Concentrate on the ends of your hair. The ends of your hair are the driest and brittle (split ends) so show them a little love and focus the hair mask on them. It will help keep moisture in them.
  • Comb the mask through your hair. Using a wide tooth comb to comb the mask through you hair ensures that you hair will be thoroughly coated.
  • Add some heat. To optimize the mask’s effect, cover your head with a hot towel for at least 10 minutes.
  • Sleep in your hair mask. Maximize the effectiveness of the hair mask by leaving it in overnight. Wear a shower cap to prevent a mess and drying out then wrap a towel over or wear winter cap.
  • After a hair mask treatment rinse using shampoo and condition. In order to make sure all the product is removed and to keep you hair soft and smooth it is recommended you shampoo and condition after your hair mask treatment. Check out Elita’s line of shampoos and conditioners to keep you hair silky and moist.
  • Our mask is made from all natural and cruelty free ingredients. To keep from damaging you hair with more chemicals all our products are made from all natural ingredients.
  • Gentle for all types of treated and damaged hair. Our Elita hair repair mask can be used on Color treated hair, Hair extensions, chemical treated hair, and dry brittle hair.
  • Use a mask before and after coloring. Use a mask 2 weeks before a coloring to prepare and protect you hair from drying out. After coloring in order to prevent fading a weekly hair mask will keep color bright and keep moisture in your hair.

Our own Elita Hair Mask Repair comes in two sizes 8oz and 16 oz.  Visit our store today.