African American Hair Product

An Overview of African American Hair
What is African American Hair?

African American hair is naturally textured hair of certain populations in African diaspora. Their hair is actually tighter, and tiny curls, that are not altered by any sort of chemicals, or flat irons. Each & every strand of their hair grows in spring like helix shape. Generally, their hair is oval and is reasonably coiled due to ribbon like structure, and are nearly flat. Apart from that, several black people’s hairstyle also have historical connections to African culture. African American hair products should be used to take care of this type of hair.

History of African American hair

The African American hair has been an important part of black history- of tribal African styles, to dreadlocks. It goes back to early African civilizations,when hairstyles would indicate an individual’s background, and tribal status. In those times, a person’s hairstyle meant just about anything about his/her identity. However, during the 19th century, many black people felt uneasy to fit in the mainstream US society and adjusted their hair according to the era. As they were adjusting, their eye catching style took off in comparison to the trends which were inspired by mainstream fashion.


Various types of hairstyles are possible using African American hair products. Their style of hair became popular and its profile, enhanced following the huge success of various singers with dreadlocks becoming a common sight. In addition to Afro, dreadlocks remain the most distinguished and popular hairstyle among other ethnic groups. Other hairstyles which are also famous include-

•Braided Bun

This fun hairstyle is one of the best choices if you want to keep your hair out of your face. Simply separating your hair around and braid it for a classy look.

•Beautiful Bob

This type of hairstyle is suited for both casual and formal occasions because it is subtle as well as classy. You can also add some pins or clips in order to enhance your appearance.

•Pixie Cuts

A pixie cut enables you to stay cool in hot weather, you have to simply dress up the hair with clips to make this short hairstyle. It is both adorable and looks unique at the same time.

•Natural Mowhawk

This type of hairstyle is very likely to stay for a very long time because of its uniqueness and popularity. The hair is left in its natural position and swept upwards while the sides are shaved.

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