It is important to understand that genetics also play a role as it is observed that hair color, texture, flow, and strength does rely on genes. Best sulfate free shampoo makes your roots stronger and healthier if you start looking after.

Every woman dreams to have long and beautiful hair. Hair if taken care of glows long without effort. Well, still there are people who crave to have long hair as their natural growth is not very fast.

Hair washing is confusing. We grew up being taught to wash it every day. Using the correct techniques can make a world of difference in your hair’s health, bounce, and shine.

best sulfate free shampoo

  1. Start with a rinse: Hair should be thoroughly wet before you add shampoo. Rinse up with warm water. As warm water opens the cuticle that is good for removing any dirt or product trapped in the hair.
  2. Lather up the scalp: Always use best sulfate free shampoo. You only need to shampoo the hair at the scalp. The best way to lather up the scalp is from roots to ends. Don’t use a lot shampoo. A quarter-sized amount of shampoo is sufficient.
  3. Be gentle: Carefully wash your hair with best sulfate free shampoo like you hand wash your delicates. Don’t use circular motions, this can twist your hair. Do not scrub the fragile ends.
  4. Don’t repeat the shampoo process: There is no need to wash your hair twice. Washing your hair once a day s sufficient unless the hair is extremely dirty and the first shampoo didn’t produce lather.
  5. Rinse with cold water: Cold water shut the cuticle tight. This makes your hair healthier and shinier.
  6. Rock a towel turban: Towel soaks the water and it makes your hair dry. Wrapping up your hair in a towel and moving along in your routine can actually save you some time. The towel will absorb some of the moisture while you’re getting dressed.
  7. Use a wide-toothed comb: Comb up your hair with wide toothed comb because it separates the hair and allow air flow.
  8. Style it up: Style up your dry shiny hair according to the dress you wearing or the occasion you are attending.