Hair Mask Repair 8 oz


HAIR MASK REPAIR w/ Organic Amino Aced & Keratin

A paraben free, salon quality, professional formula designed to revive your hair. Fused with natural key ingredients such as sodium PCA as humectant, hydrolyzed vegetable keratin for split-ends repair, amino acids for oil regulation and regeneration of damaged hair, and Vitamin B5 for promoting thicker hair. elitá Beverly Hills 8oz Hair Mask Repair is designed for both your natural hair and your favorite hair extensions.


How can you benefit from elitá Beverly Hills 8oz Hair Mask Repair?

There are several factors that must be present in order to preserve and restore your hair’s health  8 oz and beauty. Your hair needs to have proper moisture. elitá Beverly Hills Hair Mask Repair  uses humectants such as Sodium PCA to attract and retain moisture to the hair. Moisture will help your hair to be flexible, durable, and easy to style.

Porous or damaged hair can lead to split ends or even dull colors. elitá Beverly Hills 8oz Hair Mask Repair uses hydrolyzed vegetable keratin to repair your hair. Mixed with a blend of patented amino acids and Vitamin B5 your hair will become thickerstronger, and easier to manage.


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