Salon Shampoo 33.8 oz


SALON SHAMPOO w/ Hippophae Rhamnoldes 

elitá Beverly Hills 33.8oz Salon Shampoo is a professional grade, paraben free, sulfate free, and color safe balancing shampoo with a unique blend of natural ingredients. Each ingredient is carefully chosen in order to replenish hair’s natural nutrients. Together they create an ideal condition for hair to grow and fight hair related concerns such as: hair loss, thinning hair, dry scalp, and dandruff. Our patented lightweight, new age, natural cleansing and conditioning agents disperse on your hair and scalp reviving your hair over time.



Why choose a sulfate free, natural, formula like elitá Beverly Hills 33.8oz Salon Shampoo?

In short because your customers will thank you! In the past Sulfates were used to cut away grease and create a lot of foam. They are very inexpensive and effective for their purpose. However, research has shown that sulfates irritate the skin and scalp. Most importantly, sulfates damage hair follicles which lead to thinner hair loss body and hair loss. Our new generation elitá Beverly Hills 33.8oz Salon Shampoo is naturally formulated to cut away grease and wash away dirt without using any harsh chemicals. For example, in order to break down dead skin cells and eat away fat eating fungus we have added Aloe Vera. Also known as Aloe Barbadensis, Aloe Vera contains unique enzymes that dissolve impurities found on hair and scalp. To see a full list of ingredients we use in our products click here.

What does paraben free mean to your clients? And is elitá Beverly Hills 33.8oz Salon Shampoo paraben free?

We have formulated elitá Beverly Hills 33.8oz Salon Shampoo to be paraben free. Parabens are chemical preservatives that increase the shelf life of cosmetic and hair care products. However, independent studies in 2004 suggested that parabens increase risk of cancer. As a result, professional cosmetic and hair care products have abandoned this harsh chemical all together. In modern formulations, such as our elitá Beverly Hills 33.8oz Salon Shampoo, parabens are not used, instead we use safe and non-toxic alternatives. Your clients will enjoy a safe product that gives their hair all the necessary nutrition to regenerate and stay fabulous!


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